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Commission Terms of Service


Payment for works will be accepted up-front in USD through PayPal. If the Commissioner is unable to pay in full up-front, payment plans may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Partial refunds may be requested at any time before the completion of the work, but may not be provided dependinng on the progress of the work. Full refunds will be offered in the event that extenuating circumstances prevent the Artist from completing the work within one month of the date work on the commission began.


By default, commissions include rights for non-commercial usage. The Commissioner may post the commissioned work online and use it as an asset in streams or other stream-related material, but may not sell the work or merchandise of the work without explicitly purchasing commercial rights from the Artist.

By ordering a commission with or without commercial rights, you agree to give the Artist a permanent, irrevocable, non-transferrable right to any revenue by any person from the sale of a representation of the commissioned work, or of any derivative of the commissioned work, as a non-fungible token or any other form of asset stored on a blockchain (henceforth referred to as an "NFT"). Revenue will be measured by the recorded sale price, and paid as a USD equivalent to the value of whatever currency was used to purchase an NFT at the time of purchase. Compensation will be sought from the entity or entities who mint or sell the NFT, even if they are not the original purchaser of the commission.

If the minter or seller of an NFT, has not agreed to these terms, they will be notified by the Author and will be given seven days to either permanently withdraw the NFT from sale or agree to these Terms. Any minter or seller of an NFT who agrees to these Terms must disclose these Terms to any prospective buyer of the NFT. If the NFT is no longer owned by the minter or seller, and the minter or seller chooses to not agree to these Terms, the minter or seller acknowledges that they may be liable to pay other compensation due to infringement of the copyright to the Work owned by the Artist or the Commissioner.