Ramblings of queer love in all its forms

A graphic design of a light blue smartwatch with a lime green clickwheel on the right.
VisWatch - original graphic design
A 3D model of a red-haired orc girl with leather clothing and a pendant.
VRoid model for TheBitmask
A screenshot of a web forum post by CeladonCh with a forum signature featuring a city nightscape, the name 'Celadon', and the tagline 'The future is yours, you just have to take it'.
Forum signature for CeladonCh
A 3D model of a long-haired cowboy with a cybernetic left eye and left arm.
VRoid model for KennyD97Q
A video game textbox with a blushing avatar saying 'Wow, I really look this cute now? Gosh...' with two dialogue options underneath, each option reading 'Kiss her!'
Soul & Silicon dialigue boxes